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Love is a vintage storage box

love boxToday, love is a vintage storage box, (from crafty.ro, to support Romanian handcraft) with a small pinning heart inside of it. I 😡 it. What about your love? This is an En written post because of En day reason 🙂

Also, life is a bunch of macarons today. I’ve seen them for so many times @ my instragramers, cause now I had to haz ’em too. I bought them in Dana’s pastry-cook, because Cedratine’s Cooking House, my fav, didn’t answer. I honestly dislike Dana’s cakes (in general) but the macarons are….mmmmmm, so yummy. I am impressed, Dana! 🙂 I’ve also bought some healthy sweet stuff, just to feel less guilty 😛 So wish u a happy day&share the love! (Click on pics to enlarge)

healthy stuff macarons


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  • Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  • Roxana, mersi, la fel. Nu prea sunt cu astea, dar s-a potrivit 🙂

  • Happy Valentine’s:) btw de unde cumperi batoanele Nutribon?

  • Happy Valentine’s:) btw de unde cumperi batoanele Nutribon?

  • Alexandra, daca esti din Cluj, este un magazin naturist micut vizavi de Sora, chiar pe coltul stradutei din fata

  • Si eu mananc Nutribon, e micul meu dejun de obicei 🙂

  • Lavi, e a doua oara cand imi iau, is ok, dar parca tot Giant bar 🙂

  • Salut,
    Va dau un tip de unde puteti comanda direct batoanele noastre:
    Daca vreti sa aflati orice informatii legate de batonul nostru va stam la dispozitie. 🙂
    O zi frumoasa,